Among the dietary supplements by Brawn with the anabolic effect, there are preparations based on SARM. Selective androgen receptor modulators have been used recently, so it’s worth to look closer at their action.

SARM history dates back to the 40s of the last century, when works on modifying the testosterone molecule have started. From that moment, pharmaceutical companies have been doing researches on the SARMs, due to their health benefits. Selective androgen receptor modulators are useful in the treatment of obesity, strengthening bone and fighting against various diseases.

It is clear that the SARM is not the same as a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulators) or AAS (anabolic steroid hormones). Currently they are used three types of SARM. Selective androgen receptor modulators act similar as androgenic steroids, but do not have so many side  effects. SARMs are non-toxic to the liver, and they do not convert to estrogen.

Beside an anabolic action, SARMs strengthens bones and joints, and support the treatment of injuries. Therefore, they have significant advantages over anabolic steroids, such as winstrol and masteron, which can worsen joint problems. Of course, the use of anabolic steroids also has other negative effects.

The safety of dietary supplements based on SARM is dependent on whether prior to release them for sale they have been properly tested. For this reason, it is important to choose preparations from trusted companies, just like Brawn.