Among dietary supplements, often taken by strength and endurance athletes are testosterone boosters that have anabolic effects. Such formulations are available in the offer of Brawn.

Testosterone belongs to the group of the most powerful anabolic hormones – androgen. Its most important role is to support protein synthesis, and thus to build lean muscle mass and increasing bone density. The result of these changes is the severity of a fatty acids burning process.

Testosterone increases energy and improves endurance. It has anabolic properties, so that is why boosters of this hormone are very popular among athletes. Testosterone boosters may have different compositions. For advanced athletes, the company Brawn proposes prohormones, which are characterized by an exceptionally powerful action.


Also noteworthy are supplements containing SARM, so selective androgen receptor modulators. SARM is a much safer alternative than anabolic steroid hormones, because they are free of serious side effects for people. Selective androgen receptor modulators support very well muscle mass building and increase strength.


The effectiveness of testosterone boosters Brawn has been confirmed both by the results of the researches, as well as positive opinions of athletes who have decided to use them. They are a very good offer for all those who are looking for an effective, yet safe boosters of this important hormone.