The British company Brawn Nutrition provides a wide range of supplements with the anabolic effect. Among them are testosterone boosters, such as 6-Bromo.

6-Bromo is the inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme, which connects with it and remains with it until its complete biodegradation. As a result, there is no conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which would result in increased deposition of body fat and water retention in the body.


6-Bromo increases the pool of free testosterone, and thereby greater strength, and effectively helps build muscle mass. The effects of the supplement’s action can be compared to the results, which until now could only be obtained through prohibited doping measures.

People who use 6-Bromo see also a general improvement of well-being and increase resistance to stress. The supplement accelerates the return to normal HPTA axis after the completion of the cycle of the SAA or PH.

The only component is 6-bromo-androstane-3-17-dione. This substance is highly effective and safe for people. The recommended dose for people interested in raising the level of testosterone is 1-3 capsules a day.

6-Bromo ia one of many anabolic preparations, which are available in the trade offer of Brawn. Those who are interested in purchasing the preparation of such action should also pay attention to the other proposals of the brand. It is important to choose the supplement that best fit your needs and expectations.